Aunt Lynn laughing in a chef's jacket.

Lynn Burris


Hello Family My name is Lynn Burris and I am your personal chef and caterer. I welcome the title "Aunt Lynn". I have been cooking since I was a tween. I am the eldest of four siblings and single mom of two. Therefore my role has always been the NURTURER of the family. My certification is not from a Culinary Arts School but from the kitchens of North Carolina. I enjoy creating Southern dishes filled with love and of course my special blends of seasonings. Cooking has always been my LOVE ZONE. I feel each of us are created in God's image and posses some level of creativity. Aunt Lynn's Catering LLC is my personal platform to express my God given creativity through Southern cuisine. My "Mac Attack" is a gourmet, customized Mac and Cheese.


This idea was inspired by my late niece TaLisha Crowder Burris. She was by far my biggest fan. She would call me and remind me before family gatherings I was to make her a personal pan of Mac and Cheese. Once she transitioned it was very difficult for me prepare the Aunt Lynn's Mac and cheese. Today I feel she is with me each time I prepare her favorite dish. Each Mac and cheese creation envelopes a little extra love from TaLisha.


As I stated earlier, I am a single mom of two young adults. I have been in the workforce since I was 14 years old. My first job was a bus girl for a Greek restaurant. I am no stranger to service and hard work. For the past 22 years I have worked in the medical field behind a desk to support my family. The last 5 years of my career has been with a very reputable Cancer Center here in NC. My passion to serve has inspired me to leave the medical field and now fulfill my lifetime my dream of cooking for and serving others. It is a pleasure to serve our working class citizens.